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Staatlich Russisches Museum

The St. Petersburg State Russian Museum was founded in 1895 as the Museum of Czar Alexander III and as the first national museum for "visual arts of...

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Wohnhaus Moskau

Residents and visitors to this house are always fascinated!

The interplay of black and white elements becomes a first-class eye-catcher due to a...

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Villa Haase Hannover

The impressive mansion in Hanover known as Villa Haase and which was built for Hugo Haase (1857 - 1933) around 1908 had changed ownership and was to be...

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Hotel Ling Bao - Phantasialand

Miropan-Universal, the facade paint with perfect colour brilliance

The painter operation of Hans-Peter Schuster from Bornheim-Walberberg with its...

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ALLIGATOR is at home almost everywhere!
The product range from ALLIGATOR offers a wide variety of processing options. With design having no use-by date and with legendary quality we have won the loyalty and affection of many customers.

Irrespective of whether decorative designs, energy-saving refurbishment, multifaceted colour concepts or routine renovation is involved, you will find a "colourful" selection of completed projects amongst our references. Relax and be inspired!