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1959 In 1959 the company – still with the name Leim-Chemie – was acquired by Rolf Mießner and from then on it was characterised by his pioneering spirit. Whereas in the beginning glues for the furniture industry formed the main products, close contact to regional painters opened up new scope.


The ground-breaking product – the synthetic resin binder CHEMIECOLL – offered painters a perfect base for user-mixed "binder paints". This marked the entry into the current range of customers.


Wood fan: the present brand, Diffundin, is launched onto the market with the name "The protective hand". This wood preserving product ensures excellent diffusion and adapts to the natural movement of the wood.

Paint in volume packaging – changeover from kilograms to litres: "honest" labelling which was established in law many years later.


Invention of the plastic oval bucket: The bucket is optimally suited for use with the painter's roller, it simplifies working and became a standard for all German paint manufacturers.


Hermiton colour system: the range of colours offered facilitates a large number of contrasting and harmonious colour combinations; each colour family consists in each case of a full colour and several lightening levels.


Since 1966 the company has been run under the brand ALLIGATOR. The main reason behind this name was the glimmering scale-like pigments used in the products in those days and which in appearance were reminiscent of the armoured skin of an alligator.


Pioneering work: the first automatic large-batch production in Germany with raw-material storage in silos.


Multi-brilliant floc coating: first multi-coloured system for a new type of wall coating.


Cement-free thermal insulation composite system: the first German cement-free ETICS with test certificate. Organic reinforcing compounds are technically the best and most hard-wearing solution with optimum durability.


New positioning as "ALLIGATOR for painters": the company turns away from mass sales and towards exclusive production for the painting trade and concentrates on specialist wholesale.


Surtech SH glass fabric, self-adhesive: wall-papering without paste! The effective and hard-wearing decorative glass fabric is sold exclusively by ALLIGATOR.


30 years of ALLIGATOR – the environmentally friendly bucket made of paper: The empty bucket is shredded after use. That supports environmental management.


HW-Skript – software for painters: specification lists and cost calculations can be produced very easily by professional trade workers.


Major fire in Enger factory: 3900 m² of production area is destroyed. Construction of a new administration building with communication centre and new offices.


Expansion of the product range: the brands Kieselit, Miropan and Sichelit are taken over from Henkel and included in the ALLIGATOR range from then onwards.


Reconstruction of the Enger factory: application technology, laboratory and administration areas are extended after the fire.

Certification for quality and environmental management: ALLIGATOR is honoured as the first company of the leading manufacturers of paint and plaster products for its environmental management.


Expansion: inauguration of the reconstructed and expanded production facility at Enger and foundation of a joint venture with a paint factory in China.


Miropan facade paint – the elastic silicone resin paint: this facade paint is excellently suitable for cracked substrates and ETIC systems, combined with all the advantages of a silicone resin paint. Miropan facade paint is the benchmark for a new generation of paint!


New orientation: "ALLIGATOR for painters" becomes "ALLIGATOR" and the co-operative integration of the finishing trades as the new target group takes place.

Vitamin C painter concept for end users: Marketing hints and emotively designed documentation are available to professional application workers for their end customers.

artocell insulation systems: thermal insulation composite systems contribute to clear improvements for the environment and they relieve the monetary burden.


Modernisation: optimisation of small-batch production and the factory tinting technology.


After many years of co-operation with DAW, ALLIGATOR, as an independent brand with its own location and profile, becomes a 100-percent subsidiary of the corporate group.

Expansion of training possibilities: opening of the technical centre for application workers in Enger.


Kieselit Fusion – nanotechnology: this dispersion silicate facade paint with nano-technology bonds to almost all substrates and possesses many other first-class properties.


Kieselit Fusion inside: The first dispersion silicate paint with nano-technology for interior areas is impressive due to its excellent properties.


Art Velluto: with metallic shine and velvet surface feel, this decorative spreading technique causes a sensation.

Carbon thermal insulation composite systems: this system proves to be impact resistant and stands up to mechanical stresses.


50 years of ALLIGATOR – we celebrate our anniversary!


Small-container filling system: installation of a filling system for the highly efficient filling of small containers of 1.25 - 7.5 litres.


Relaunch of the ALLIGATOR logo: first exhibition participation with new logo at the FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE in Cologne.


Modification of the large-batch production: large-batch production to the latest standards of production and industrial hygiene.


Start of the modernisation at the Enger location in external signalling.


New automated filling system for paints, plasters and renders.

Investment in the production of roof paints.


50 years of Kieselit - the brand celebrates its anniversary!